This worksheet is meant to assist in your search for the perfect location to host a celebration that is unique to you and your significant other! It should come as no surprise that the venue search is not one-size-fits-all, nor are all venues created equal. Let this worksheet help make your tours productive and ensure the pertinent questions are asked and answered in order to make an informed decision. Give yourself the opportunity to appropriately weigh the pros and cons with the use of these visual aids before making a very big financial decision at the beginning of your planning journey.

Although you are welcome to print out as many of these worksheets as your heart desires, I would recommend narrowing your main venue search and tours down to the top 3-5 on your list - the venues you feel fit your vision and budget best. Touring too many can make your search overwhelming and frustrating, and that is no way to start the planning process.

Wishing you all the success on your venue search!

buy fillable version ($7)
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Determining your wedding budget can feel overwhelming and like the elephant in the room - if you treat it like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! That is why I created this easy to follow guide with 3 steps to creating your wedding budget.

There is no “wrong” wedding budget, but there is a wrong way to view and allocate the money within that budget. These steps will help you line out exactly what you feel comfortable spending on a wedding, while also helping you understand the realistic costs of a wedding and working within your comfort zone.

It is important to have the open and honest conversation about money with all parties involved before you start any of the planning process. Make sure you are giving yourself a leg up, and not getting in over your head before you have even had a chance to create a design plan and chat with your priority vendors.

I have provided two purchase options with this workbook... a printable version (have your calculators ready) and a fillable PDF link that will do the hard work for you.

Congrats on the engagement and best of luck!

Fillable PDF version


Printable Version


This worksheet is meant to be shared! Share it with all your vendors - especially your coordinator. It is important that everyone has the necessary vendor contact information on your wedding day to avoid things falling through the cracks or having to ask you for a phone number when you are trying to just enjoy your day. The social media information is also important for you and your vendors after your event is over so everyone can get credit for a job well done! This is one of the biggest ways small businesses can gain new clients. For up to 15 vendors.


This worksheet is for the purpose of keeping track of all your vendor payments and when they are due. Don’t run the risk of guessing or wondering if you officially paid a certain vendor because it also might have been a dream you had - believe it, even vendors have wedding nightmares that involve worrying about forgetting or missing tasks. For up to 18 vendors.


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